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As well as the European ACE programme that we posted about it here, iUZ has also been selected to RYME project.

RYME (Reativação das PME: Inovação e internacional) is a Portuguese programme led by IPN – Instituto Pedro Nunes, that has partnership with other two Business Innovation Centres (BIC), such as:

In addition, they have five other associated partners:


This programme is co-financed by INTERREG IVB and intends to support the competitiveness of the SUDOE (European South-west) territory, through innovative international networks and technology-based companies that are developing their activities in ICT, Biotech and Greentecha sectors.

Each BIC as selected 100 companies and RYME has been providing advanced support and trying to enhance the international development of this young innovative companies, 50 from SUDOE and the other 50 foreign companies:

  • 20 French
  • 20 Spanish
  • 10 Portuguese
  • 25 North American
  • 25 Brazilian

In Portugal, IPN has held training workshops and coaching about internationalisation during the first quarter of 2014.


Next stage
For the next step, was created a web platform to support enterprises in a matching process, where the 100 companies can gather, thus encouraging collaboration and synergies, tutored and boosted by CEEIM.


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(Image: Viktor Hanáček)

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Ana Castilho

eHealth Forum 2014

eHealth Forum week
was between 12 and 14 May and our iUZers Isabel Cruz and Marcelo Fonseca, had the opportunity to participate at the event, that took place at Megaron Mousikis, in Athens – Greece.

The event consisted in three intensive days of talks, networking and a busy agenda, where the hot topics were innovation partnerships, “wearable tech” applications, and ePrescriptions, among others.

During the different conference talks the European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, responsible for the Digital Agenda, said that to be able to promote innovation in Europe, companies need “a shift in mind-set. Having new tools, devices and apps is one thing. Integrating them across the health system, large-scale, is another. It takes effort and dedication – and the will to change” (Source: eHealth Forum newsletter).

In the last day of the event, Yannis Rizopoulos from Tech Talks Central interviewed our CEO Isabel Cruz. Tech Talks Central is a web radio specialised in covering all the hot topics and trends in the technological field that has collaborated with eHealth Forum organisation to broadcast during the event.

In her interview, Isabel talked about iUZ participation in:

  • epSOS project, such as, the Industry Team, OpenNCP, what it takes to be part of an interoperability project, as well as, what is the hard part in participating in a large-scale project
  • PNPSO  (Portuguese National Program for Promotion of Oral Healthcare) – such as, dental-vouchers, relevant numbers, among other things
  • uEDC (Electronic Data Capture) – explaining that this solution supports clinical research and works directly with CRO – Clinical Research Organisations
  • In the end, Yannis Rizopoulos asked Isabel her opinion about what should be Europe’s vision for eHealth in 10 to 20 years from now.

Listen to her responses through the podcast shared by Tech Talks Central.

In addition, also in the last day of the event, Marcelo Fonseca participated in the Industry Team and Open Source Community Workshop chaired by Juergen Wehnert, Gematik mbH (Germany) and Dr. Alexander Berler, Industry Team Steering Committee (Greece). Marcelo and Konstantin Hyppönen (also from the OpenNCP Community) talked about OpenNCP technical architecture and use in a real pilot environment. Both covered questions about:

  • Technical design of epSOS services
  • Use and implementation of IHE profiles
  • Semantic components
  • Security Services
  • Development tools used
  • Integration and testing strategies
  • Their experiences of using and developing OpenNCP


Tell us your thoughts about this type of events or Isabel and Marcelo participation, in the comments.

(Image: eHealth Forum 2014 press releases; Podcast: Tech Talk Central)


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Ana Castilho

epSOS Industry Team

(Source: Flickr – Heather Cast a Line)


Have you heard about epSOS Project?

For those who didn’t, epSOS is a European eHealth Project started in 2008, where Portugal was involved through SPMS and iUZ as its technical partner. This initiative is a cross-border interoperability platform, which allows access to the patient health records and the use of electronic prescriptions (or ePrescriptions) in European countries, while a citizen is in a foreign country.

During this project the opportunity to become part of epSOS Industry Team pop up, and since early April we are proud to be part of it, and to share it with you.


But, what is the “epSOS Industry Team”?

The Industry Team (IT) is a pro bono consortium represented by IHE-Europe. IT is a segment of epSOS project, which presently connects a group of 30 eHealth companies – SME’s and multinationals – that work together with their knowledge for a common good – epSOS (source: epsos.eu).

Any company in the eHealth field can participate with their knowledge and expertise. In iUZ case, we are supporting with the knowledge acquired during the implementation of epSOS Project in Portugal, such as, providing semantic and technical interoperability knowledge and expertise and, assisting with the developments of OpenNCP (Open National Contact Point) building blocks.

With this association iUZ pretends to help leverage eHealth in Europe, creating also new business opportunities and expanding our network.

If you want to know more about iUZ participation in epSOS project, please go to our case study. Also find more information about the Industry Team in epSOS website.


Have you heard about epSOS Project? Are you part of one of the companies from the Industry Team?

Let us know in the comments.

Opening the Future of Healthcare.
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Ana Castilho

Our 4 Reasons to Start iUZ Blog

Written by on 9th May, 2014


iUZ Workspace

Since the summer of 2013 we’ve been rebranding iUZ to express the creative and modern company we believe we are becoming into.

So we decided to make this newer and clearer identity visible to the world.

Why did we start this blog? Here are four reasons for that.

1. Share our knowledge with you

Since our start in 2007 (see our history), we feel the time has arrived for us to share with you our acquired knowledge. We are now feeling prepared for venturing into the social media, no longer just a trend, but a way of life.

We want to share with each and everyone what we do best and we want to leave our mark in the world.


2. Engage with you

It’s simple. We want to know the people who listen to us, who can we do something for. But, ok, we have our feet on the ground and we know this can be nearly impossible. So, what’s the simplest way? Through this blog or our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

We would like to connect with people like you, providing a space to share questions, suggestions, remarks or what pleases you.

We also want to share with you resources in healthcare ICT, freight and urban mobility, that we believe can add value to your business.


3. Make a difference

Another iUZ goal with this blog is to create a reliable, consistent and credible online presence, which you can trust and where you will find what you are looking for. We want to be that expert, who will provide important information on a certain topic, in our case, healthcare ICT in the most part.

At iUZ we aim to make a difference every single day, not only through our work, but also by expressing our opinions and thoughts.


4. To introduce iUZ

Last but not least, we want to let ourselves know to you.

iUZ is a small company founded in a sunny and windy city in Portugal, named Aveiro. We name ourselves of iUZers and we work and follow the iUZ Way.


From this moment on, we hope that you’ll know us better, and please, let us know you by commenting our posts or emailing us (here are our contacts).

Let’s share knowledge to strengthen and empower each other!

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