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EU eHealth in focus


In Europe, the eHealth Network established under article 14 of the cross-border directive endorsed in November 2013, the guideline for a minimum health data set to be used in emergency or unplanned care cross-border situations.

During a live demonstration in Boston (US), experts from the Trillium Bridge project proved that it is technically feasible to exchange Electronic Health Record (EHR) data between the European Union and the United States. This means that in theory it is possible for a local treating physician, provided the patient has given his or her consent, to request and access an EHR patient summary from the patient’s provider across the Atlantic. 

Following the success of this demonstration, the EC published an official post where the event is pointed out as an important step towards Digital Agenda for Europe.

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Ana Castilho

iUZ Technologies - bridge

As well as the European ACE programme that we posted about it here, iUZ has also been selected to RYME project.

RYME (Reativação das PME: Inovação e internacional) is a Portuguese programme led by IPN – Instituto Pedro Nunes, that has partnership with other two Business Innovation Centres (BIC), such as:

In addition, they have five other associated partners:


This programme is co-financed by INTERREG IVB and intends to support the competitiveness of the SUDOE (European South-west) territory, through innovative international networks and technology-based companies that are developing their activities in ICT, Biotech and Greentecha sectors.

Each BIC as selected 100 companies and RYME has been providing advanced support and trying to enhance the international development of this young innovative companies, 50 from SUDOE and the other 50 foreign companies:

  • 20 French
  • 20 Spanish
  • 10 Portuguese
  • 25 North American
  • 25 Brazilian

In Portugal, IPN has held training workshops and coaching about internationalisation during the first quarter of 2014.


Next stage
For the next step, was created a web platform to support enterprises in a matching process, where the 100 companies can gather, thus encouraging collaboration and synergies, tutored and boosted by CEEIM.


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(Image: Viktor Hanáček)

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Ana Castilho

ACE Logo

In April, iUZ was selected as one of the 100 European SMEs for the ACE Project, an Accelerate Cross-Border Engagement programme that aims to:

“(…) develop a new tailor-made acceleration programme delivering targeted cross-border services to highly innovative ICT entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs with the potential to rapidly grow their businesses in international markets” by European ACE

ACE programme and mentors
ACE programme is organised by EBN – a network and community that supports the evolution of innovative and creative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs -, and supported by the European Commission, under the FP7 Programme – Digital Agenda (DG CONNECT).

iUZ is experiencing a chapter extremely dedicated to cross-border markets, so this kind of programmes are a support for us to find other companies with the same purpose, providing extra impulse and encouragement to find customers, partners and investors in international markets. In this selection, there were a higher interest from Ireland and Belgium markets. Our local mentor, IPN – Instituto Pedro Nunes, has been helping and guiding us through the different stages of the programme and it has been amazing.

According to ACE website, there are 15 leading incubators, clusters and living labs from across Europe, such as, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic.

ACE Cooperation Summit'14

ACE Events
iUZ was also present at ACE Cooperation Summit in the 29th April in Brussels, where our CEO Isabel Cruz had the opportunity to meet investors, mentors and the selected companies. Isabel also had the opportunity to pitch directly to a panel of investors.

You can see the selected companies at EBN website.


What do you think about this type of events? Are you a co-worker from one of the 100 European companies selected?

Tell us what you think in the comments, please.


(Images from ACE and EBN websites)

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