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Transatlantic exchange of Patient summaries:

Live demonstration from Trillium Bridget Project.

Last month, October 22, at the State House of Massachusetts in Boston, during the 5th EU-US eHealth Marketplace and Conference, the Trillium Bridge, presented a live demonstration of provider-mediated exchange of patient summaries between EU and US, proving the technical feasibility of the exchange.

Gnomon Informatics SA supported by iUZ and the OpenNCP community worked with the Kaiser Permanent (KP) eHealth Exchange team (the major provider of healthcare services in the United States and the main partner in that country) to create a proof of concept reference implementation of the Trillium Bridge gateway as part of their eHealthPassTM project that is able to exchange clinical patient summaries with the eHealthWay.


Trillium Bridge Project

The Trillium Bridge project, co-funded by the European Commission, is a transatlantic clinical data exchange mission to establish the foundations of an interoperability bridge for the meaningful exchange of patient summary and electronic health records between the European Union (EU) and United Sates (US).


 According with Trillium organisation the project “support action extends the European Patient Summaries (epSOS) and Meaningful Use II, Transitions of Care in the United States to establish an interoperability bridge that will benefit EU and US citizens alike, advancing eHealth innovation and contributing to the triple win: quality care, sustainability and economic growth.”


The Trillium Bridge gateway, an adapted version of the national contact points in EU Member States for the epSOS large scale pilot, was used to search and retrieve in real time, the patient summary in CCD (Continuity of Care Document) of a United States citizen, enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente health plan. The demonstration involved:


  • a patient (Martha): who is from San Diego and had an accident during a trip to Italy where she was taken to the hospital

  • a fictional Italian doctor (played by Giorgio Cangioli Trillium Bridge project manager): Giorgio, deep in his role of the Italian physician, accessed the patient summary in Italian and wrote a note for patient’s physician back in the States.

  • Zachary Gillen (interoperability director at Kaiser Permanente) reviewed the information together with Martha once she was back home.



  • a patient (Paolo Cerutti): a European Citizen visiting the US, who suffers from chronic hypertension and lost his new medication while traveling to San Francisco and could not explain the symptoms he was experiencing

  • Zachary (as a KP Physician) showed that the same functionality can be available for Paolo Cerutti. In Boston, Zachary, successfully retrieved in CCD the patient summary of Paolo and identified his medication.


The demonstration proved that with effective transatlantic collaboration, the EU and the US can set the pace and tone for global standards development and eHealth innovation.

The experience gained and lessons learned will inform the work of IHE profiles XCPD (Cross-Comunity Patient discovery) and XCA (Cross-Comunity Access) and will be continued in pursuit of end-end integration for HIMSS 2015 in Chicago on April 2015.It is also expected to inform the efforts underway toward an international patient summary specification under the auspices of HL7 (Health Level 7), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) , and CEN.

We’ll give you the inroads of this project. Tell us what you think, bellow in the comments. 

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