iUZ has concluded the development and implementation of MESTRa, an R&D project financed by the Portuguese National Program QREN, to address the tele radiology market.

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Starting from geographic availability disparity of health radiology expertise, MESTRA tele radiology platform empowers healthcare services providers with the ability to request and obtain clinical expert judgement and diagnoses on radiology images even when they are not locally available. Based on a flexible logic and rules engine, this business models allows customization and fine-tuning to match partners business procedures.

Starting from a PhD thesis awarded with the first prize in the research of practical utility category of Fraunhofer Challenge 2011, MESTRa project started with a deep analysis of teleradiology state-of-art, covering 4 areas of interest: organization, technology, quality and clinical aspects. An excerpt of the overall state-of-art report can be found Excert _MESTRa_M1-1_State-of-Art_Report (full version under request).

Having the European market in perspective, the alignment with eHealth interoperability international standards has soon been defined has a corner stone of MESTRa development. To accomplish this objective extensive research has been conducted on eHealth interoperability standards and technologies. An overview of eHealth interoperability platforms studied can be found MESTRa_M4-1_eHealth_Interoperability_Platforms_Standards (full information under request).

Based on these analysis and specifications, MESTRa implemented the following workflows:

  • User management
  • Entity and provider management
  • Image report request
  • Image report request management
  • Image report execution
  • Image report execution management

MESTRa management team is now planning the market approach to capitalize on project achievements.

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