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Placing the patient at the centre of care of healthcare.

Is this a trendy topic?

Yes, but it’s becoming a reality. Day by day, is given special attention to this subject that is driving new models of care.

Everybody knows that health information and technology walk hand in hand. The next infographic shows exactly that. T-Systems created the infographic “Better health through better technology”, where we can see the potential that technology can give to the patient, promoting and empowering his quality of life.

The patient, a person that needs medical treatment or someone seeking to improve his quality of life, is at the centre but he always will need other intervenients, such as family, friends, coaches, doctors, healthcare providers, health insurances or hospitals.

According with Mayme Marshall: “The primary goal of medicine should not merely be to improve disease and death rates; the medical community should also be interested in the subjective patient wellbeing and quality of life”. Technology is helping in that field and in this infographic it’s given a few applications.

(click in the image to view full size)

Better Health Through better technology - Health Infographic


Which apps you think are empowering the patient? Tell us in the comments.

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