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epSOS Industry Team

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Have you heard about epSOS Project?

For those who didn’t, epSOS is a European eHealth Project started in 2008, where Portugal was involved through SPMS and iUZ as its technical partner. This initiative is a cross-border interoperability platform, which allows access to the patient health records and the use of electronic prescriptions (or ePrescriptions) in European countries, while a citizen is in a foreign country.

During this project the opportunity to become part of epSOS Industry Team pop up, and since early April we are proud to be part of it, and to share it with you.


But, what is the “epSOS Industry Team”?

The Industry Team (IT) is a pro bono consortium represented by IHE-Europe. IT is a segment of epSOS project, which presently connects a group of 30 eHealth companies – SME’s and multinationals – that work together with their knowledge for a common good – epSOS (source:

Any company in the eHealth field can participate with their knowledge and expertise. In iUZ case, we are supporting with the knowledge acquired during the implementation of epSOS Project in Portugal, such as, providing semantic and technical interoperability knowledge and expertise and, assisting with the developments of OpenNCP (Open National Contact Point) building blocks.

With this association iUZ pretends to help leverage eHealth in Europe, creating also new business opportunities and expanding our network.

If you want to know more about iUZ participation in epSOS project, please go to our case study. Also find more information about the Industry Team in epSOS website.


Have you heard about epSOS Project? Are you part of one of the companies from the Industry Team?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Marcelo Fonseca

    Important achievement for iUZ!

    For sure it will open more doors and create new business relations with other Industry-team members! ;)

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