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At iUZ we care about healthcare. We believe that the Healthcare IT Industry can change lives, make an impact and can increase any person life quality somewhere in our lives.

Check out the infographic below, for some highlighting about how technology is been changing the medical industry. The infographic provides a list of milestones between 1816 until 2008, regarding the growth of medical technology, and we can see that has had an incredible evolution.

Here at iUZ we also attempt to strengthen this field with our solutions uEDC – Electronic Data Capture, and uIN – eHealth interoperability. Take a look.

Sadly the infographic timeline is only until 2008, but has a lot of information and it’s possible to see the power of technology in this field. Take a look at the infographic and tell us what you think in the comments.

(Click to enlarge image)

Infographic "How Technology Changed the Medical Industry?"


Source: Infographics Show Case

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